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Summer Camp

From June 10th thru August 23rd

Our Spanish Summer Camp is designed for students currently attending Spanish Immersion programs or with prior Spanish experience. During the day, children rotate through different classes and activities with small class sizes and specifically designed to place a high emphasis on oral fluency. Spanish is spoken during camp 100% of the time.

Ages: 2- 12 years old

Students are separated in age-appropriate groups


We offer multiple schedule options: 

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

                                                                Healthy hot lunches are offered for a rate of $35 per week

For more information

To book a tour please follow the link 

For more information:

Our summer camp will be hosted at our sister school Intiwasi School located at:

9017 W Pico Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90035



Summer Camp Themes

June 10-14



This week, our campers will delve into the significance of the 3 R's and how they play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Our classes will be conducted in a Spanish immersion style, creating an engaging and immersive experience for students with some Spanish background.

Field Trip: Arroyos Hills Preserve - $20 (PreK+ Only)

Bug LIfe.png

June 17-21



Prepare for a tiny yet grand adventure as we step into the enchanting world of bugs! This week, we'll meet everything from fluttering 'Mariposas' to industrious 'Hormigas'. It's a chance to see the world through the eyes of its smallest inhabitants and learn why these tiny creatures are giants in their own right.


Special Activity: Bounce House - $10

June 24 - 28

Discover the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci


Join us for an enriching Spanish immersion summer camp where we dive into the ingenious world of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions! Through a series of hands-on experiments and engaging activities, we'll unravel the brilliance behind Da Vinci's creations.

Field Trip: Science Center - $25 (PreK+ Only)

Mona Lisa.png

July 1-5

STEAM Week: Estados de la Materia 

Get ready to ignite your curiosity with a week dedicated to the wonders of STEAM! We're diving deep into science, technology, engineering, art, and math to explore the fascinating 'Estados de la Materia'. From solids to liquids to gases, we'll conduct exciting experiments that reveal the magic behind everyday phenomena.


Special Activity: Water Bounce House - $10

July 8-12

A Trip Around the World: Discover Spain


Embark on a vibrant journey to the heart of Spain without leaving camp! This week, we'll immerse ourselves in the Spanish 'Cultura', from flamenco dances to savory paellas. Experience the rich traditions and stunning landscapes of Spain as we explore what makes this country a treasure trove of cultural wonders.

Special Performance: Flamenco Performance & Spanish Buffet - $10

Costa Rica.png

July 15-19

Exploring the Wonders of the Costa Rican Jungle

Join us as we venture into the verdant heart of the Costa Rican jungle, a paradise of biodiversity. Discover exotic 'Animales' and lush vegetation that make this jungle one of the most vibrant ecosystems on Earth. It's a week of adventure, discovery, and connection with the natural world like no other.

Special Activity: Rainforest Animals Workshop - $15

July 22-26

Under the Sea Exploration


Dive deep into the blue mysteries of the ocean with us this week. We'll explore the hidden world beneath the waves, meeting fascinating marine life and uncovering the secrets of underwater ecosystems. From colorful coral reefs to mysterious deep-sea creatures, it's a 'Viaje' of discovery that highlights the importance of our oceans.

Field Trip: Science Center Kelp Forest - $25 (PreK+ Only)

Under the Sea.png

July 29 - August 2

Discover Galapagos

Set sail with us to the Galapagos Islands, a unique archipelago teeming with life found nowhere else on the planet. We'll learn about the incredible 'Biodiversidad' and natural wonders that inspired Darwin and continue to awe scientists and travelers alike. It's a week of natural discovery and adventure on these enchanted islands.

Special Activity: Water Bounce House - $10

August 5-9

Trip Around the World: Discovering Argentina


This week, we're off to the land of passionate tango, breathtaking landscapes, and culinary excellence - Argentina! We'll explore the rich 'Cultura' and heritage of this beautiful country, from its dynamic cities to its tranquil countryside. Get ready for a journey that will tantalize your senses and ignite your imagination.

Special Performance - Dance Performance & Argentinian Buffet - $10


August 12-16

Trip Around the World: Discovering Italy

Join us on a virtual voyage to Italy, a country where art, history, and 'Gastronomía' blend into a perfect symphony. This week, we'll explore Italy's contributions to the world, from the masterpieces of the Renaissance to the simple pleasures of a well-made pasta. It's a celebration of Italian culture that will inspire and delight.

Field Trip: Italian Park Games & Pizza Making - $25 (Prek+ Only)

August 19-23

The Secrets of the Amazon Rainforest


Venture into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, a realm of unparalleled biodiversity and mystery. This week, we'll uncover the secrets of this vast 'Selva', learning about its indigenous cultures, exotic wildlife, and the critical role it plays in our planet's ecosystem. It's an exploration of one of Earth's most precious resources.


Special Performance - Peruvian Dance & Juane Making - $10

Amazon Rainforest.png

August 12-16

Trip Around the World: Mexican Experience

Celebrate the vibrant culture of Mexico with us this week! From its rich history and traditions to its delicious 'Cocina', we'll explore what makes Mexico a land of color, music, and life. Experience the warmth of Mexican hospitality as we embark on a journey that captures the spirit of this remarkable country.

Special Activity: Water Bounce House - $10

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