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"Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going"

Rita Mae Brown


Benefits of Bilingualism

Multi-Tasking Skills

Bilingual and multilingual individuals learn how to switch languages rapidly. According to Penn State research, juggling between languages trains the brain to adapt to multiple things simultaneously with fewer errors.


Improved Memory

When learning a second language, the brain memorizes a new set of vocabulary, grammatical notions, and rules. These skills are exercises for the brain and help improve overall memory functions.

Improved Perceptive Skills

A research from Pompeu Fabra University in Spain demonstrates that multilingual individuals are better at observing their surroundings. This helps them have a better eye for detail. People who speak more than one language also tend to be better at spotting misleading information.

Our Programs

Summer Camp

Let us show you how fun it can be to learn Spanish! With our dynamic hands-on approach our students learn through doing. Our weekly thematic units are specifically designed to help our students acquire new vocabulary while learning new a new skills or fun facts.


Want to add Spanish to your home-school program but you are not sure how? We're here to help. Work at your desired pace with virtual or in-person classes. 

Adult Classes

Do you want to learn Spanish for work, for your next vacation, or just to add an important skill to your life? OLA offers personalized Spanish classes for adults. We tailor our classes to our students needs, schedules, and abilities.

Want Spanish At Your School?

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the United States. Just in Los Angeles there are 3.3 million people whose primary language is Spanish. In response to this growing need, more and more schools are adding Spanish to their daily course load. Whether you are a parent trying to help your school develop a Spanish program or a program director looking for help inproviding Spanish in your school, OLA has a solution for you.

what people say about us

Our daughter spent five weeks over the summer here in Spanish immersion camp and really enjoyed it. (Previous to this she was part-time here during the school year.) The teachers were wonderful, warm and caring and she loved the outdoor playground area. She picked up so much Spanish so quickly. She is always surprising us with how much she knows and now wants to learn more.

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