About Us

OLA is a Spanish immersion program that has been thoughtfully developed by a team of linguists who specialize in second language instruction. We have created a comprehensive Spanish program that places high emphasis on oral fluency. Our program is designed to encourage students to have fun while learning Spanish. Our dynamic activities and teaching techniques entice them to participate. Students naturally pick up the language by speaking, listening and interacting in the language.  


How are we different?

All of our classes place high emphasis on oral fluency. Our focus and teaching methodology is based on “learning through doing."  The children pick up the language naturally through songs, play, story-telling, and daily routines.

Our Teachers

All of our instructors are native Spanish speakers from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, each with unique approaches to language instruction. Our teachers undergo extensive training to facilitate an ongoing study and practice of our language learning methodology. OLA also provides ongoing support to all of our instructors as well as supervision, classroom observation, and four language instruction workshops per year.


T: (323) 852-3047